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Custom Closet Solutions 

My closet is so cluttered, I can’t find anything to wear. I don’t have enough room to store my stuff. Just one hanging bar for ALL of my clothes, there’s got to be a better way to organize my closet. My closet is a nightmare, my accessories, clothes and shoes are piled everywhere.  

Sound like you? Closet Editors has the solution for a beautiful, custom closet to fit your needs and the way you live. You truly can have the closet of your dreams.  

A place for everything and everything in its place.  

Closet Editors makes it so easy and simple for you to own a custom designed luxe closet that is functional, organized and gorgeous. Here’s how it works:  

Closet Editors will assign a personal Closet Designer to you who will come to your home to assess your ideal closet design and organizational needs. We will develop a comprehensive plan that best fits your needs, we will take preliminary measurements and provide a variety of finishes and closet accessories that accentuates your new space.  

Within 3 days, you will receive your design quote to review, discuss, modify (if necessary) with your Closet Designer. Once we receive your design approval, we will schedule final measurements and choose an installation date. We love to make life easier for you. So, to help you prepare for your installation, your Closet Designer will remove everything from your closet and make it installation-ready, so you don’t have to! We will take care of everything from demolition to installation and even post-installation clean up. Finally, once installation is complete, your Closet Designer will organize and style your brand-new, beautiful dream closet!  

Custom Closet Solutions Include: 

4 Easy Steps

1. Consult

2. Design

3. Prep

4. Install

  • Develop Closet Design  
  • Measuring Space  
  • Review & Edit Designs  
  • Schedule Demolition, Installation & Clean Up  

White Glove Service:

1. Edit , Organize And Prep For Install

2. Move Items Back In Closet, Organize & Style

VIP Closet Edit, Organizing & Styling

Closet Organizing Solutions

Good organization saves time, and reduces stress, which has a huge impact on a person’s well-being. Reducing and ultimately eliminating closet clutter is very important and should become a part of our everyday lifestyle. Prioritizing and managing your clothing and accessories effectively is a very teachable skill- and we can help!

Are you ready to declutter your closet and define your style, YES PLEASE?! Imagine having an exclusive one-on-one Organizing VIP Day with Luxury Closet Designer & Stylist Taiece Lanier! This fun VIP experience was designed to help busy professionals define their closet organizing and style goals , so that they’re more efficient , save time when getting dressed and show up in the world confident and ready to take on any task.

The day will start off with a closet and style clarity session. During this session we will define your closet organizing and style goals. After the clarity session, the fun part begins, decluttering and getting organized! Taiece will help you sort through each item in your closet and decide what to Toss, Keep, Resale or Donate. Then Taiece will do her magic organizing and styling your closet, so it’s beautiful , functional and fits your personal needs.

Taiece will also give you style recommendations and help you put looks together from your own closet! That’s right, you can shop in your own closet, and add key essentials to complete your desired looks.The next day we will have a closet celebration photoshoot, with fashion and champagne flowing! It’s time to celebrate the NÉW YOU! You now have an organized closet full of items that you love and bring you joy!

Creating and maintaining an organized, clutter free closet system will allow you to access your clothes easily, save time when getting dressed and allows you to build a cohesive and efficient environment that really works for you — giving you peace of mind and more time to spend on things that truly matter.

VIP Day Includes:

1. Closet & Style Clarity Session

2. Declutter - Organize & Style Closet

3. Define Your Style & Brand Image

4. Wardrobe Recommendations & Planning

5. Closet Celebration

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Closet Editors services Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Atlanta and various national and international client locations, by special appointment only.

Virtual Closet Planning

Are you ready to tackle your closet clutter , but don’t know where to start? Do you feel like the clutter is taking over your space? Our Virtual Closet Planning Session will give you an organizing glamplan to help you get and stay organized!

Reducing and ultimately eliminating closet clutter is very important and should become a part of our everyday lifestyle. Prioritizing and managing your clothing and accessories effectively is a very teachable skill-and we can help!

Virtual Planning Solutions Include:

1. Closet Review

2. Planning/ 3 Zoom Sessions

3. Closet Recommendations (Bins, Hangers ETC…)

4. Q & A

$325/ 3 Sessions

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Host a "Define My Style" Event

Define My Style Event– LA | NYC | ATL | MIA

Want the CEO of Cloest Editors at your next shopping event! Of course you do! 

Define Your Style shopping series was launched during New York Fashion Week to collaborate with boutiques and help women shop for the right items to build their wardrobes and decrease closet clutter. 

During the event Taiece will be there to help attendees style their looks, host a Q & A on wardrobe essentials and how to stay organized, and faciliate a fun atmosphere to network with like minded women in their community all while sipping champagne! Yes Please!

And the event wouldn’t be complete without giving back. We asked that all attendees bring at least 1 item from their closet to donate to charity. 

 To learn more about bringing “Define Your Style” to your City or Local Boutique please email contact us below: 

Frequently Asked Questions

The A to your Q's:

No, we service anyone that is in need of decluttering/organizing or redesigning their closet. We can redesign your existing closet or build out from new construction.  

We specialize in walk-in and boutique style closets

Yes! We have partnerships with some of the best manufactures in the industry. Once we design your closet, one of our manufactures will do the installation. We will manage the process from consultation to install.  

This depends on the size of the space , and if you want all the bells and whistles! Prices start at $10,000 and up.

It’s the ultimate closet experience! We handle everything from design, editing, organizing and prepping your wardrobe for install. We also move your items back in and organize/ style your closet like a boutique.

Anywhere from 8-12 hours depending on the size of the closet and the amount of items we need to go through.

We create packages to fit your personal needs. 

We will take all your clothes, accessories and anything in your drawers out and place them into piles. Then we will go through each item one piece at a time and decide if it should STAY or GO. Then we will hang and fold all the items that were keepers and place them back in the closet organized and ready for use. The items that you no longer have use for can be consigned or given to charity. We will drop off all the items that you no longer have use for to your local charity for you. You will be left with an organized closet you LOVE!  

You will gain time, money, clarity ,confidence and a new found energy from editing or/and redesigning your closet. We don’t realize this but the clutter in your closet is holding you back from living a life of clarity. Clutter creates a negative energy. When you have an organized closet full of clothes you love and ready for use, it enriches your quality of life.  

Absolutely Not! We will go through your items together.  

This is similar to the Marie Kondo method. We teach you how to stay organised so you don’t rebound back into clutter and only have clothes in your closet you love! We also help you define your personal style in the process. 


Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, West Palm Beach, Atlanta, Houston.

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