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Taiece Lanier is a Premier Closet Designer, Author and International Style Consultant. She helps people create the closet of their dreams and cultivate their authentic style. Taiece is known for her keen sense of fashion, phenomenal talent for organization and amazing eye for detail. She has an awesome gift for listening to her clients, tapping into her incredible design and organizational skills and delivering excellence.  

Taiece is a triple talent. Not only can she design your closet for functionality and beauty, she can organize your closet for optimal space and efficiency. If that weren’t enough, she can also help you to edit your clothing and curate your style – one that boldly expresses and is representative of who you truly are. Taiece understands that when a person wears the clothes that they love, they feel powerful and confident. Her ability to keep her clients looking great and feeling fabulous is unparalleled.  

Ms. Lanier holds a B.A. in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing from the Miami International Art Institute. Taiece is fanatic and deeply passionate about style, fashion and décor. She honed her fashion, design and organizational skills as a Visual Stylist and Fashion Coordinator for well known retail powerhouses and brands such as Saks and Ralph Lauren. Taiece has served as a Personal Shopper for exclusive, high end clients and she has also styled for various fashion events and television shows.


Closet Editors

Closet Editors specializes in custom closet solutions designed to create beautiful and unique storage spaces , that perfectly fit your needs. The closets designed and organized by Closet Editors are high quality, environmentally-friendly wardrobe spaces. Each closet is designed to maximize space, increase functionality and encourage clutter-free living. A well designed closet can increase the value of your home and contribute significantly to a pleasurable living experience for the homeowner. We turn closet dreams into reality! 

And remember, we don’t stop at closet design. We’re here to support your 360 #ClosetGoals. Hire us to also do closet editing and styling. 

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